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Run 2782


Run 2780


In memory of Jack Blocki's Hashing Days, 24th. December '16, in what would have been his 95th birthday



Run 2779



Run 2778




Run 2777

29th November,

St. Andrews Day Run
This run occurred during the first decent, or in the case of the Hash, indecent, amount of rain we've had in Cyprus since goodness knows when. The original RV was completely washed out, and as there were no life jackets or life belts available, the RV was changed to Andreas' Restaurant in Anoyra.




Run 2776

22nd November



Run 2775

15th November



Run 2774

8th November



Run 2773

1st November


Run 2772

25th October



Run 2771

18th October



Run 2770

11th October



Run 2769

4th October



Run 2768

27th September


Run 2767

20th September



Run 2766
Curium on Tuesday 13th September


Run 2765

Open run on Sunday 11th September


Run 2764

6th September 2016



Run 2763

30th August 2016


Run 2762

23rd August 2016

"Thanks to Simon and Mike J for providing today's photos"



Run 2761

16th August 2016



Run 2760

9th August 2016



Run 2759

2nd August 2016


Run 2758

26th July 2016


Run 2757

19th July 2016


Run 2756

12th July 2016


Run 2755

5th July 2016



Run 2754

28th June 2016



Run 2753

26th June 2016 - Melanda Beach



Run 2752

21st June 2016



Run 2751

14th June 2016



Run 2750

7th June 2016


Run 2749

31st May 2016

Run 2748

24th May 2016



Run 2747

17th May 2016



Run 2745

3rd May 2016



Vic Tandy's Appreciation Function, at the Episkopianna Hotel on the 27th April.
Vic wanted to say thank you to both EH3 and HV3. A most enjoyable evening was had by all. Thank you and On-On Vic! Photos courtesy of Geoff Fryatt.






Run 2744

26th April 2016


ABF (Army Benevolent Fund) 10km walk
Saturday 23rd April


Run 2743

19th April 2016



Run 2742

12th April 2016


Run 2741

5th April 2016


Run 2740
29th March 2016


Run 2739
Easter Sunday 27th March 2016


Run 2738
22nd March 2016



Run 2737
St. Patrick's Day run
15th March 2016

Hares organized Irish weather for this run... ugh!
Guinness after the run made up for their meteorology.
They then laid on great Irish fare (perfect food given the weather).
Potato and leek soup with Heather's brown soda bread (well we can't imagine Jimmy bread making)
Irish stew followed. Finished off with a generous measure of Jameson's whiskey.
On On!


Run 2736

8th March 2016


Run 2735 - St. David's day run

1st March 2016


Run 2734

23rd February 2016


Run 2733
16th February 2016


13th February 2016
Valentines Weekend at Atlantica Miremare Hotel


Run 2732
9th February 2016



Run 2731
2nd February 2016


Run 2730
Burns Supper - 26th January 2016


Epi Hash members:
500 was raised in November for Movember Charity Foundation


On Pres Inauguration 19th January 2016


12th January 2016




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